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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . a state program that connects inmates with exist. the iowa department of corrections runs the across the state. the program because it has not successfully stopped people from becoming repeat offenders. the program lasts 24 weeks. inmates attend classes twice a week, which include videos and written work. at the end, a panel brings crime victims and their loved ones into the prisons to share their stories. the goal was to show offenders how their actions affect victims and allow them to begin making amends. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy joins us from our newsroom. sarah, you spoke with a man who says this program has made a big difference in his life? i met with a cedar rapids native
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shayne wiesenhofer served more than seven years in prison. his sentence for a 2006 robbery required him to go through the victim impact program. for shayne, hearing from victims of violent crimes marked a turning point in his life. 14:19:04 "the more i would get thrown in jail for mistakes i made, the less i would be affected by it. it became easier so the crimes became more severe." but shayne says everything changed here - at the anamosa state penitentiary. at his sentencing, the woman he robbed in 2006 told shayne the crime hurt her, her children, and others. but the message didn't quite click. 14:21:27 "robbing drug dealers for me, i had the mentality that it's a victim-less crime, i'm not really hurting anybody that matters. but after hearing from other victims of violent crimes, his mentality changed. 14:22:10 "if something would have went horribly wrong during the robbery i was committing, that could have been another son or daughter that grew up without a mom. my actions could have
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effected so many different people in so many different ways. she was somebody's daughter, somebody's mother." personal stories the program focuses on through videos like this. 00:25 "three gentlemen grabbed me, drug me behind a dumpster and beat me and kicked me, they knocked out my front tooth, bruised a couple of ribs, and all they got out of the attack was twenty dollars." 14:23:51 "it hits you right in the chest, right where it hurts and you feel bad, you empathize with people, you sympathize with them and that's what it's all about you know, realizing you're hurting people." shayne is now a welder in cedar rapids, married, and has a close relationship with god. a story he says wouldn't be his if victims hadn't shared their own stories. an opportunity he thinks other inmates need. 14:30:10 "hopefully there's another young man or woman that can take advantage of the program, learn from it, and better themselves, put themselves in the situation that i'm in now. life is good. i'm married, we
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for that." officials say prisons are shifting to a cognitive thinking for change. that uses role-playing situations before they act. bruce and beth, officials say that program is statistically proven to reduce repeat offenses. thanks, sarah. an investigation is underway after two cedar rapids police officers fired shots at a man last night, killing him. police say they stopped a vehicle near 32-hundred ravenwood terrace northwest, in which 21 year-old jonathan gossman and two other people were inside. police believe the three were involved in drug- related activity at a nearby drug store. police say gossman tried to run away. two officers, including a police dog, started chasing him. that's when police say gossman pulled out a gun and fired at the officers, who returned gunfire, killing him. police are questioning the two other people who were inside the vehicle. the two officers
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involved were not hurt. " 3:14:30 my main concern is for the welfare of the police officers that go out every day and every night and these are the situations that they end up encountering. so it continues to be a huge concern of mine." the officers are on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings. the division of criminal investigation is set to interview the officers on friday. a fire last night in iowa city sent one firefighter to the hospital for evaluation. firefighters battled some intense conditions during a thunderstorm while battling a house fire at 623 east college street . at one point, lightning in the area forced them to take cover. the fire department says while they were there, dozens of calls poured in about other lightning related incidents. "we had multiple calls at one time, and like going to the emergency room, we triage calls, so those that are most
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important first, those are the ones we go to first. " the house that burned last night was the home of well known artist hans breder. his wife told us there were many valuable art pieces inside. the fire department says it does not have an estimate yet on the total loss. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, we get some dry weather coming up tomorrow. back to you. some parents in iowa city say they've received more messages about school threats than they expected.
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some parents in iowa city say they've received more messages about school threats than they expected. the school district communicates with parents on each reported threat at their children's schools. administrators started doing that after some parents expressed frustration about the delayed response to a recent alleged threat. earlier this month, the district didn't notify parents until several days after learning about a student potentially bringing a gun to school. kcrg t-v nine's chris earl joins us live from outside of iowa city west high school. chris, now the district is taking steps to give administrators some latitude on what constitutes a threat? yes, that was all part of an e-mail the district sent out to families early today. ever since the october 12th incident at iowa city west
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high that led to this new policy to report "all" incidents to families of a particular school -- it is the families with students in iowa city's elementary schools that have been getting these alerts. longfellow elementary school - just east of downtown iowa city - basks in the autumn glow with kids burning energy on the playground... and some longfellow parents combing through recent alerts about incidents. " 48:51 i think the messages are pretty vague and understandably so." jen tittle took a minute to share her concerns, as the school district said nearly all of the communications from the school to families has come from elementary schools. longfellow has received three alerts since last wednesday, the most at one location from data provided to tv-9 from the district on wednesday. " 49:00 we're not sure if it's just a third grader threatening another third-grader on the playground and obviously we live in an environment where there is gun violence and it's very difficult to get those things out of your mind." chris will build a graphic here the school board's tuesday night work session led to an e-mail on wednesday from iowa city community school superintendent stephen murley.
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threat must also be evaluated to address the potential for imminent danger and to determine the appropriate course of action." the district said this would allow more discretion from, say, a principal or another administrator on whether a disagreement or a threat rises to a level where the families of an entire school should be notified. back at longfellow, while few would talk on-camera, we heard mixed responses. one said the initial policy of a communication for all threats was not well thought out -- but all said they understood that balance the district is trying to reach - between safety, transparency and deciding what is worth a text alert or email. " 49:30 it feels like a very different space with kindergarteners and i think one of the things the email today did resolve was how much the kids, potentially, are being exposed to those conversations. it's very hard to determine " the email sent to families today spelled out "prioritizing" a threat -- immediately threats get
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reported right away to law enforcement. yet "seeing" or "hearing" something that may be a threat and isn't considered immediate is goes to the school leader first...and not law enforcement. live in iowa city, chris earl, kcrg-tv9. people concerned about the hiring of the new university of iowa president disrupted the state regents' meeting in iowa city today. protestors called for the resignation of all the regents. they also delivered a petition calling for incoming university president bruce harreld to step down. the regents hired harreld last month over three other finalists who all have more experience in education. the biggest county road project in the history of johnson county is officially complete. today was the ribbon cutting on the new mehaffey road bridge. the bridge, which passes over coralville lake, had been under construction for more than two
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pedestrian walkway and bike trail. one county official says the new bridge should be around for a long time. "it's huge for the people that go back and forth here every day and it is a beautiful bridge under and above and it should be here about another hundred years." the mehaffey road bridge project cost about 9-million dollars. vice president joe biden finally revealed his presidential plans at the white house today. he ended months of speculation with an announcement that he wouldn't seek the presidency.
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him to launch a successful presidential campaign. today, he announced will not join the democratic field, ending months of speculation. abc's kenneth moton reports from washington. late in the campaign game, still grieving the loss of his son...vice president joe biden says his time to jump into the 2016 race has passed. sot: biden what i have said time again to others that it may very well be that the process by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i have concluded it has closed. he stood with president obama and his wife dr. jill biden in the rose garden of the white house. but only biden spoke about his decision, just a few months after his son
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beau died. sot: biden beau is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time jumping into the race now would have been a major challenge for biden. our new abc news washington post poll shows the vp with16 percent support for the nomination versus hillary clinton's 54 percent. sot: rick kleinabc news political director a few weeks ago there seem to be a fever...and then the debate happened clinton actually called biden and tweeted she was "inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better." clinton actually called biden and tweeted she was "inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better." donald trump said biden made the correct decision? sot trump "and frankly i really want to run against hillary" the reaction to biden's announcement poured in. the "draft biden" super pac said it was grateful for supporters and bernie sanders thanked biden for his lifetime of public service. kenneth moton, abc news washington. the investigation into a road rage shooting in new mexico is getting closer to answers. authorities have taken a person into custody for the shooting that killed a
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heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle 60s, are expected with light
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winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work week. showers and possibly some storms are in the forecast especially friday afternoon into the night. this will likely impact friday night football. as that system moves east we are in for a great fall weekend as highs stay in the 60s and lows dip into the 30s. tonight: mostly clear low: 42-48 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 61-67 winds: e 5-10 tomorrow night: increasing clouds low: 47-53 winds: e 10-15friday: pm showers likely high: 65 - low: 50 saturday: turning mostly sunny high: 64 - low: 54 sunday: mostly sunny high: 60 - low: 39 monday: mostly sunny high: 58 - low: 39
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tuesday: partly cloudy high: 56 - low: 41 wednesday: chance of showers
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they have a person of interest in custody in a road rage shooting that killed a 4-year-old girl. they're questioning a man who matches the description of the person who killed lilly garcia. albuquerque, new mexico, police say her father had picked up the girl and her seven year old brother from school yesterday. they believe some some type of road rage incident happened then that led a man to fire at the family's pickup. police believe the man was targeting lilly's father. instead, a bullet hit her in the head. she died later at a hospital. new mexico " it was such a senseless act. i mean, they're just driving down the freeway and she dies over being shot. " the f-b-i has launched its own investigation into the fatal road rage attack. new york police officers are mourning a loss of one of their own. last
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night, a man shot and killed officer randolph holder, who was responding to a report of a man with a gun in manhattan's east harlem neighborhood. police arrested 30- year-old tyrone howard shortly afterward. he faces first-degree murder and robbery charges. the supreme leader of iran has given his blessing to the landmark nuclear deal with the u-s and five other major countries. ayatollah ali khamenei endorsed the agreement, but he warned iran's government to be vigilant because he believes the u-s can't be trusted. the deal curbs iran's nuclear activities in exchange for the world powers lifting crippling sanctions against iran. the hawkeyes have showed a lot of depth this season. scott has that story. and josh features a springville girl who is banging heads on the football field.
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young lady chases her dream to play the game she loves. josh christensen has the story. springville's jade hard was a volleyball player growing up. but last year when she was in 8th grade, she tried out for football. and since then, she's developed a passion for the game. "i've thought about going back to volleyball, but that's just like walking into a new school and not knowing anything. so,
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sticking with football, it's tough at times but usually i'm able to pull through with all the guys supporting me. football's just my life." jade plays offensive line and defensive end on the junior varsity team. she says some opposing players are shocked when they see her on the field. but jade doesn't want her playing football to be about gender and she doesn't want other teams to take it easy on her. "people think it's crazy that i'm in football. i'm built. i'm a really built person and i can take a hit... last friday night's game, i hit this kid that was coming out of nowhere. and you can hear our helmets crack. you can hear my dad on the sideline, he's so proud of me. it feels so good to hit someone." "she is one of the players, and that's how we approach it every day in practice and in games. it's not because of who she is, but it's more
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because of the player she is." even though jade sees limited time at the varsity level, she's cherished every moment. "i feel wonderful when i get to play on varsity... my long-term goal is to be on varsity by my sophomore year. and now that i'm starting to play a little bit more, i know that goal can be achieved." in springville, josh christensen tv9 sports. jade will be in uniform friday night when springville host cedar valley christian and we will have highlights of that game for you on friday night lights. the hawkeyes have used the next man in philosophy this year and it has worked. with injuries to their two offensive tackles the hawks have had to shuffle lineman around and it's a good thing they have depth at running back.. because they have had to go four deep just seven games into the season. "i said in august that i though we had four backs. and i also in august that we'd need all four of them before it was all said and done. i didn't realize it would be by the seventh game. hopefully,
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this week will give us a chance to get leshun back. throughout camp, we mix- and-match lineups realizing that during the season, different guys are going to have to play different places. obviously, brian ferentz did a great job in game week realizing what we were going to have and the best way to fit all the pieces together." sot :37 oc: "pieces together " the cubs needed a win tonight against the mets in game four of the nlcs to stay alive. the friendly confines weren't very friendly tonight.. the mets with back to back jacks in the first inning a three run bomb from lucas duda and then solo blast from travis dar-no for the 4- nothing lead.. mets added two more in the second and they lead the the cubs in the inning . if they hold on for the sweep it will be their first trip to the world series in 15 years. the blue jays are still alive.. the jays beat the royals today 7-1 in game five of the alcs to cut the series lead to 3-2. game six of the series will be friday back
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in kansas city. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... after two days that included rainfall, some heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle 60s, are expected with light east-northeast winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work week. showers and possibly some storms are in the forecast especially friday afternoon into the night. this will likely impact friday night football. as that system moves east we are in for a great fall weekend as highs stay in
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel
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